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10-11 inch Screw Clasp 10-11 inch Pop Clasp 12-13 inch Pop Clasp
12-13 inch Screw Clasp 14-15 inch Screw Clasp 17-18 inch Screw Clasp
21-22 inch Screw Clasp 26 inch Screw Clasp
Naturally relief pain from teething, arthritis, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and more with Baltic Amber! Choose your size below.

The Amber Monkey manufactures several different lengths of Baltic amber jewelry. When putting a Baltic amber necklace on a child, be sure that the necklace does not go over their chin as it should never go into their mouth. We recommend at least a two finger allowance so that the necklace is not too tight.

Following are the sizes and ages that we have found to be average; however it is always best to try on the jewelry to ensure a correct fit.
5.5” —up to age 2 years bracelet
7”-8”—adult bracelet
10”-11”— up to age 12 months as a necklace or an adult anklet
12”-13”—12 months to 6 years old as a necklace or an adult anklet
15”— 7 years old and up - will generally be a choker on an adult
17”-18” —adult necklace that falls close to the collar bone
21”-22” —long hanging adult necklace

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